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All solutions are free of parabens, gluten, sulfates & 100% VEGAN


Full Body Signature Spray 


 - A customized signature spray tan to desired level light/medium/dark.  

Full Body Venetian Spray 


 - An exotically inspired formula combining violet & brown tone bronzers.  This color works with all skin tones to produce the most natural and longest lasting tan yet!

Full body venetian PLUS spray


 - Venetian PLUS combines even deeper violet and brown tone bronzers Plus a darker DHA sunless result. Produces the deepest, darkest, longest lasting tan yet.

One hour rapid glow 


 - Last minute even and not enough time to wait 8 hours for the tan to process, try this tan!  Spray tan and shower after one hour for a light glow, two hours for a medium glow, three hours for a dark glow.  

Half Body Signature Spray


 - Waist Up or Legs Only 


Spray Tan Prep: 

 - Shower, exfoliate, & remove body hair prior to tan 

 - Do NOT use lotions, perfumes or antiperspirant 


 - Best not to use makeup, if wearing remove prior to service 


 - Bring a dark colored bathing suit, garment of choice or you can wear nothing

*men are required to wear under garment ex. dark bathing suit  or boxer briefs

 - Pull hair off face and neck 

 - If raining please bring umbrella or hoodie 

water on skin after spray tanning will case streaking

 - Exfoliation 24-48 hours prior to spray tan is most important for the evenness as well as the longevity of the sunless tan.  

After Care:

 - Change into loose dark clothing 

 - Do not exercise, sweat, swim or bathe for 8-12 hours 

 - Once you have showered was wit a mild soap preferably moisturizing 

 - Do not use exfoliants or abrasives 

 - Color will wash off in the shower, this is only the instant bronzer 

 - Color will develop up to 24 hours after getting sprayed

 - Moisturize daily after to keep your skin hydrated, this allows the tan to last longer 

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