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Hair Services 











Haircut *includes Wash + Blow Dry

New Talent Stylist  $35 

Stylist                      $42  

Designer                 $50 

Master Designer    $58 

Director                   $65

Clipper Haircut *includes Wash

Stylist                    $35

Designer               $38

Master Designer  $40

Children's Haircut $35+

(10 + under)

if appointment takes longer than 30 min, 

you will be charged that Stylist's full adult haircut.

*New talent + Stylist offering child's haircut

Bang Trim           $15

15 min does not include Wash + Blow Dry 

Blow Dry $30

 - 30 minutes, add on to color service

Blow Dry $35+

 - 30-45 minutes *depending length of hair

Blow Dry Extensions $45+

 - 45 minutes

Blow Dry with Flat Iron Curl $45-$65

 - 45 minutes

Hair Color Services 

Customized hair color.  All prices are starting point of color service and can go up due to desired end result, color mixed, thickness of hair and dimensional color added.  All color consultations are free of charge. Visit BOOK NOW tab to book free 15 min consult today!

Permanent hair color root touch up


Permanent hair color roots to ends

includes coloring your hair from regrowth to ends


Semi Permanent Hair Color


Permanent hair color plus face frame highlight 

Includes regrowth touch up with a few highlights for added dimension down the part or framing the face (1-10 foils)


Permanent color plus Partial highlight 

root touch up with crown highlight service 


Face Frame highlight

 *1-10 foils 


Partial Head Highlight 


Full head highlight 


Balayage + Foil


customizable color service combining foiling + hair painting 

*most popular for initial lightening service

Balayage face frame 


hand painted highlights creating brightness with a soft grow out 

Balayage half head 


hand painted highlights creating brightness with a soft grow out 

Balayage full head


hand painting the majority of your hair can create beautiful dimension from a dramatic ombre to a soft transitional 

Base Break or Smudge 


 *this is an add on to a highlight or a balayage softening or brightening your base color and creating a softer transition between your natural color and your highlight.  Also can be done as an in-between service between highlight services.

Extra Color Application

 - $25-$45 per app

 *can be added to any color service as a glaze on the ends to deposit tone or shine.  Also can be applied if extra color is mixed due to length and thickness of hair.  Or if a pastel or vivid shade is desired.

Corrective Color + Instagram Hair 

 -$100 per hour, charged hourly

*all hair color products used included in rate 

*3 hour minimum

*priced at consultation 

Express Brazilian BLOW OUT 


($25 per extra app for length and thickness if needed)

Brazilian BLOW OUT 


($50 per extra app for length and thickness if needed)

Tape In Hair Extensions 

Hair cost Priced Upon Consultation *on average $150-$600 for cost of hair 

Full Head Retape $300 *cost of service 

Re-taped every 8 weeks and this can be done up to 3 times.



Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Hair cost Priced upon consultation *on average $300-$900 for cost of hair

$125 per row (2-3) rows typical 

$50 removal +blowout *required every 8-10 weeks to reinstall

Hair can be used on average for 5 visits 

Upstyle $75+

Bridal Upstyle $120+

Bridal Trial $90

Wedding party attendees $90

*limited wedding party availability

Hair Salon
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